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"Million Dollar Quartet" at The Argyle Theatre

May 29th, 2019

"But it's Taylor Gray, who also serves as music director, really driving the show. As Lewis, his athletic pyrotechnics on the piano (yes, he does that bit playing behind his back) bring down the house in 'Great Balls of Fire.'"

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"Million Dollar Quartet" at Geva Theatre Center

June 5th, 2017

"... Gray hurls himself into the role of the piano-pounding Lewis... like a reckless rebel with a cause, he hammered out notes in a fiery, over-the-top performance that showcased the dexterity of his hands and feet as they jump to the keyboard in gleeful, manic abandon."

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"Million Dollar Quartet" at Actors Theatre of Indiana

Sept 17th, 2016

"... Gray (who also was Music Director) is top-of-the-line wild and crazy as the energized Jerry Lee Lewis, also managing the man’s youthful naiveté with a fine touch... mastered Lewis’s mad piano style, slapping the keys with tuneful precision and decorating his performances with an array of gymnastic moves to go along with the signature unfettered vocal style."

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