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You know how every actor needs a survival job, or just something to do in their downtime? Well, this is what I do.



This production company is something I started my senior year at college. The staff includes… well, actually it's just me.

My objective is to help other actors and musicians receive and present more and better material for whatever their musical needs are. As a fellow performer, I understand how important it is to enter this career with the material that reflects you in the best way possible. I've got perfect pitch, awesome keyboards, a couple of badass microphone, and I'm here to help YOU!

- Have a song in your book but it's not in your key, and Musicnotes doesn't have it? I can transpose it for you.

- Want to add a pop/rock song in your book, but you can't find the sheet music at all? I can write it out for you.

- Have a video audition you want to send? Stop on by, and I'll record and edit your video (to your liking) before sending it out to a theatre or a casting director.

- Do you want to cover a song and can't afford a studio? I've got a DIY home studio waiting for you.

- Want an a cappella cover/sheet music or karaoke track done? You've come to the right place.

But this just a little taste.

Want more information, estimates or just wanna watch videos?

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or go to my YouTube Channel or the TIG Music Website!